How Quixtar (Amway) Tried To Get Me – My MLM Experience

Elle-small[Elle:] The Anti-MLM Coalition have been contacted by a USA-based reader by the name of Reina (not her real name), who wishes to share her own personal experience of a “job interview” that became an attempt to recruit her into Quixtar (more commonly known as Amway).

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Foxy’s Cunning Retorts for MLM Recruitment Attempts

Elle Beau, the Anti-Blogger

Foxy AnswersElle-small

[Elle:] Introducing Foxy (not her real name), a new guest writer.

Here, she has produced a list of ready-made retorts for anyone who encounters a multi-level marketing recruitment attempt in the wild. You can adjust and adapt the answers depending on your country of residence, and the MLM in question. Some are lighthearted, some are more brutally honest – I am sure there will be something for everyone.

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My Coffee Shop Chat that Became a Younique Recruitment Attempt

EmmaGreetings all. My name is Emma – you may already know me as the “Naked Typist.” I can usually be seen anti-MLMing on Twitter as @MLMshyster, but I thought it was about time I officially wrote something for the coalition, about my recent coffee shop catch-up with a friend.

Before I begin, what brought me here? Well, my interest in multi-level marketing (MLM) started when I was approached by a ‘Mindset Coach’ to ask whether I would like to join her coaching business and “use my training as a psychotherapist“. How? In her words, “to influence potential MLM reps to sign up” and to pass on any clients I had in private practice who “may be malleable and easily persuaded” that Arbonne could “raise their self esteem“.

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