Uncovering Usborne – My MLM Experience

Red-Corvette-tiny[Red:] Today, we share the experience of UK-based ex multi-level marketer, Esme. With the end of her maternity leave on the horizon, she found herself averse to the idea of returning to her job. So, she took the plunge with multi-level marketing. In her own words, she’ll tell you how that worked out for her. Over to you, Esme.

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Why I Got Into an MLM, & What I Found When I Got There (Part Two)


[Elle:] North American guest writer “Frenzied” is back with the conclusion of Why I Got Into an MLM, & What I Found When I Got There; as you will know from Part One, Frenzied is signed up to a multi-level marketing scheme and has been for some time.

However (unlike many MLMers), she was courteous, levelled and extremely diplomatic when it came to putting across her point of view. What’s more important is, she took the time to listen to me and understand why I hold an anti-MLM opinion. 

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