My Empire Initiative State of Mind

Red-Corvette-tiny[Red Corvette]: Today we have a rather startling experience from guest writer Sophie [not her real name] who is based in the UK. She is here to talk to us about her dalliance with direct selling company Empire Initiative. This looks to be one of the tons of ‘come and go’ organisations that work under the DS-Max umbrella, which runs abusive door-to-door job schemes.

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“Why I don’t support MLMs”

In this Ordinary Time

Before we begin: As a stay-at-home mother in my early thirties, I’m a member of the prime target demographic for MLM companies. I know a lot of people who are, or have been, involved with them at one time or another. This post is not directed at any of those people in particular; it concerns the broader trends.

So, what’s an MLM, anyway? 

MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing, also known as “direct marketing,” “referral marketing,” “pyramid selling,” or “network marketing”. People who work for MLMs make their money through sales-based commissions, and also through recruiting, where they can get bonuses based on the number of people in their “downline” and/or get cuts of their downlines’ sales. When (rather, if) people show a profit in an MLM scheme it typically comes from their recruitment/downlines, rather than product sales. Does this sound like a pyramid scheme? It’s not. Technically. Because they

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In need of an alternative/extra income that’s not MLM?

This post explores help available for people needing a bit of extra money or an alternative income. I have not received any payments from any of these companies for promoting them, neither have I personally tried all these methods of earning money. I have just trawled the internet for ideas and put them together here. Hopefully they might serve as a starting point for you to search more thoroughly and come to your own conclusions on what is best for your circumstances.

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