Here are some notable podcasts that you may be interested in checking out.

Sounds Like MLM But OK

Sounds Like MLM But OK New

What started off as a Facebook group to discuss and learn about multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) and their poor business structure, obnoxious marketing practices, and all around awful nature” has now evolved into an exciting podcast series.

Hosted by Katie Young (@MLMRiot) and Sasha Zazzi (@ScamBamTYMaam), they’ll be bringing you “quality snark, expert guest hosts, & damning evidence that will only make you say YIKES…and don’t worry, we won’t harass you to join our team, call you ‘hun’, or imply you need to lose that baby weight.

You can subscribe to the podcast via SpotifyStitcherYouTubeiTunesGoogle Play. Connect with them via Facebook@SLMLMbutok on Twitter and Instagram.

The Dream by Little Everywhere & Stitcher

The Dream Podcast

What if we told you that with zero experience and only a few hundred dollars down, this podcast could change your life? Well, we’d be lying.

Host Jane Marie (@SeeJaneMarie) and her team dive into the world of pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing, and all the other need-a-downline-to-progress businesses. Join them as they “trace the path of get-rich schemes from Jane’s roots in rural Michigan all the way to the White House.”

Jane Marie also documents the findings of her friend, Mackenzie, who takes the plunge and signs up to LimeLife/LimeLight

You can subscribe to the podcast via SpotifyStitcher iTunes. Connect with them via their discussion group on Facebook and @lileverywhere on Twitter.

That’s a Cult?

That's a Cult

This podcast is about groups of people on the internet and why they connect with each other. It’s about forums, niche conversations, moderators, and new languages. It’s also about how these groups could sometimes, even just a little bit, be compared to cults...

Host and creator Helen McCarthy (@helenlmccarthy) speaks to our own Elle Beau on Episode 2 of this series. You will also hear from John Evans of MLM Lies ExposedJerome ‘The Finance Guy‘ and of course those in the pro-MLM community, including a serial-MLMer, and one with a downline of over 20 people.

You can subscribe to the podcast via Soundcloud iTunes. Connect with them via @thatsacult on Twitter.



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