The Truth Behind Forever Living Adverts

Let’s talk Forever Living. Their recruitment adverts are quite common, and easily found on Google. On the face of it, the advert shows them in a pretty good light, making it look like a solid choice for a way of making an income. However, if you look at the claim a little critically, you can see it is not that great after all.

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Why Forever Living don’t sell Aloe Vera products for health purposes

I have established (in this post) that Forever Living do not hold the correct licences to sell products for health purposes. I detailed the laws covering the regulations for this in the UK and stated why it is important to follow these rules.

But, WHY don’t Forever Living hold the correct paperwork to sell their products for health purposes?  Surely, if the products are as good as they say they are, a licence should be easy to come by?

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MLMs & Making False Health Claims

If you are a MLM presenter in the ‘health and wellness sector’ (for example, Juice Plus, Forever Living, Ariix etc), you may be promoting and selling products that you believe can help people with their health problems or wellness. YOU MUST BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS. Why? Read Part 1 in full here.

In my country of residence (the UK) in order to sell or supply a medicine, a company must hold a wholesale dealer’s licence (WDA) from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Juice Plus, Forever Living, Ariix and It Works do not appear on this list. I have contacted the MHRA to ask if they hold any licence enabling them to make health claims on their products. They do not. Read Part 2 in full here.