Foxy’s Cunning Retorts for MLM Recruitment Attempts

Elle Beau, the Anti-Blogger

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[Elle:] Introducing Foxy (not her real name), a new guest writer.

Here, she has produced a list of ready-made retorts for anyone who encounters a multi-level marketing recruitment attempt in the wild. You can adjust and adapt the answers depending on your country of residence, and the MLM in question. Some are lighthearted, some are more brutally honest – I am sure there will be something for everyone.

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A Letter Template for a Friend Who Added You to their MLM Group

[Elle Beau:] I would like to introduce our first guest post! This template comes courtesy of an anti-MLM activist named Abigal Devereaux. She has devised a courteous, diplomatic letter/email/social media message template, perfect for responding to any unsolicited MLM-shilling messages you may receive on social media. I know it is so tempting to tell them to F**K OFF, but sometimes a more gentle approach is needed, especially if it is someone you care for. Over to you, Abigail!

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Document: Complaint Letter Templates (MLMs at Jobs Fairs, Schools, Fetes etc).

If you see an advert for an MLM at a jobs fair or a school fete, please complain to the organiser. Let them know that more and more people like yourself disapprove of these things and want them stopped. If you send a letter and get a request for more information or you would like assistance in drafting a letter, please contact me and we will all aim to help you as soon as we can.

Get the templates here.

Document: Quick & simple guide to why network marketing is a bad thing.

This template  has been written at the request of a follower who wants to present information about MLMs in a simple format – something that can be printed onto a sheet of paper, so that she can distribute to people to explain why MLMs are a bad thing. Anyone is welcome to copy and paste this into a word document.

The article has also been translated into West African French.

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