Uncovering Usborne – My MLM Experience

Red-Corvette-tiny[Red:] Today, we share the experience of UK-based ex multi-level marketer, Esme. With the end of her maternity leave on the horizon, she found herself averse to the idea of returning to her job. So, she took the plunge with multi-level marketing. In her own words, she’ll tell you how that worked out for her. Over to you, Esme.

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Reader Opinion: MLM at Craft Shows and Handmade Events = Bad for Small Businesses


[Red:] The Anti-MLM Coalition recently received a message from a reader by the name of Una (not her real name). As an event organiser and genuine small business owner, it infuriates her to see MLM sellers brand themselves as such – so much so, that’s she’s asked us if she can get it all off her chest. Naturally, the coalition are happy to oblige.

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Document: Complaint Letter Templates (MLMs at Jobs Fairs, Schools, Fetes etc).

If you see an advert for an MLM at a jobs fair or a school fete, please complain to the organiser. Let them know that more and more people like yourself disapprove of these things and want them stopped. If you send a letter and get a request for more information or you would like assistance in drafting a letter, please contact me and we will all aim to help you as soon as we can.

Get the templates here.