Let me tell you about that time I was accosted by a hunbro …

So, in a brief change of events, moving a little bit away from our usual technical discussions on MLMs, I’d like to tell you the story of the time I was accosted by a hunbro. And recently too, very, very recently.

I’ve started seeing a sports massage therapist to help loosen tension in my muscles and help with my recovery for olympic weightlifting. Let’s call him James. The first time I saw him was at the local therapy place where he rented a room, but he quickly told me he also does mobile and from his own studio at home, plus he’s a sparky in his other manly job (for those non Aussies, this means he’s also an electrician).

I like James. He has a firm touch but he seriously busts my knots out. The first time I met him, he was showing me a picture of his home studio…

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The MLM car – a sham or just another level in the pyramid?

Cover Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

It’s really easy to be lured in by the false promises of an MLM. You’ve seen it across the wider interwebs and in many of the Coalition members’ own blog write-ups — the focus of an MLM is to lure people in, convince them they’ll make ‘easy’ money, and then swindle them for everything they’ve got. Not unlike some of the scary cults we’ve heard about, right?

I’m starting this post because I have a few rare days, yes days, of actual free time to dedicate to writing something other than strategic reports. So bear with me if my language is too technical as I try to de-strategize my mind.

This post will have a look at the phenomenon of the ultimate MLM spruiker reward, the new car. I was reading something only recently on Reddit: r/antimlm where they had a “Plexus Lexus” and the Independent Distributor after achieving a…

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MLM Intel’s “Intro to MLM (Part V)” – And Now What?

The previous posts outlined the employment status loophole and summarized the refunds content! @mlmintel will be formally tackling employment status in the Australian context for Series Two: Employment status and regulatory obligations – MLM. For now though, please enjoy the last post and remember to do the following to NEVER miss out on new content:

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Well, this is what we…

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MLM Intel’s “Intro to MLM (Part IV)” – Employment Status Loophole

Last week we looked at a case study, of a cosmetics MLM operating in Australia, and being rather difficult in how it provides (or rather doesn’t provide) refunds and guarantees.

And finally, here it is – I know you’ve been waiting patiently for it!


An ‘Independent Distributor’ (ID) is neither a retailer nor a manufacturer. This is where additional risks have been identified with the employment status of ‘Independent Contractors’ (ICs) which I seek to address in upcoming posts. For the purposes of uniformity and ease of understanding for this post only, let’s assume that for legal, employment, taxation and superannuation purposes, an ‘Independent Distributor’ is in fact an Independent Contractor by Australian definitions.

Independent contractors in Australia are also governed by The Independent Contractors Act 2006 and the Fair Work Act 2009 — these two acts govern and protect the rights, responsibilities and guidelines…

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MLM Intel’s “Intro to MLM (Part III)” – Independent Contractor VS Independent Distributor

In our final post on this topic, we finally look at earnings and summarise our learnings from the previous post to understand exactly, where an MLM ID (independent distributor) fits in. We’re on the downward spiral now – the rollercoaster is coming to an end. I hope you enjoy the last post!

OK, based on one of the more prominent makeup MLMs, let’s see if we can understand what exactly an MLM ID gets paid.

According to this particular MLM, you can be earning money two ways — sales income and commission income. This is listed in the table below.

Table 1: Sales income versus commission income – prominent makeup MLM.

–       Sales income derived from demonstrations–       Income derived from downline growth
–       Reorders of products–       Group Sales Volume Bonus
–       Sales income is made on the profit…

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