Younique News Bulletin – Elle’s Facebook Page Removed

Elle Beau, the Anti-Blogger

Elle's Facebook Page RemovedYes, you heard it right – the Facebook overlords have removed my page, ‘Elle Beau the Anti-Blogger‘. If things go the way they did for Timeless Vie‘s Facebook page, its highly unlikely that it will be reinstated. 😮

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Let’s Be Honest, Younique Are Never Going to Obtain Cruelty-Free Certification

Elle Beau, the Anti-Blogger

Younique Cruelty Free 2018Last year (Sept 2017), I documented a debate I had with a Younique presenter when she wrongly declared her precious company was cruelty-free. Heck, I even got myself blocked by Younique Corporate on Twitter for challenging them about their wishy-washy responses to those who wanted to know about their cruelty-free stance.

2018 is halfway through, and nothing has changed. I would therefore like to remind people of Younique’s very own Derek Maxfield and Melanie Maxfield-Huscroft‘s stance on the matter.

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Has a failed merger with M Network rung the Death Knell for Jamberry?

Elle-small[Elle:] In current MLM news, we understand that the multi-level marketing (MLM) company known as  ‘Jamberry‘ appears to be in a significant spot of bother, following rumours of a failed merger attempt with fellow-MLM company ‘M Network‘.

At least, that’s what /r/antiMLM and our UK-based informant ‘Penny’ tells us.

We will update this article with new information as and when we receive it (scroll to the bottom for any up-to-date details).

P.S. If you are a Jamberry consultant affected by the following news, please contact us for advice, help and support.

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