You are not an Independent Business Owner!

Elle-small[Elle:] As well as enjoying Bot Watch‘s humorous article on what defines an “independent business owner”, we highly recommend taking a look at these too:

Also, my post below which takes a look at presenters with a genuine belief that it is indeed “their business“:



If you are in Multilevel marketing, please stop claiming you are an ‘Independent Business Owner.’


“adjective- Free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority:an independent nuclear deterrent. The study is totallyindependent of central government ”

The above definition is from The Oxford English Dictionary.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do you set your own terms and conditions?
  • Can you change suppliers?
  • Can you change the policies?
  • Do you have any say in your activities, over and above what hours you work or the prices you sell at?
  • What are you independent from? Apart from employee rights and wages.


 “noun.   (SELLING) the activity of buying and sellinggoods and services:

My brother’s in business.

He’s in thefrozenfood business.

Our firmdoes a lot of business withoverseascustomers.”

This definition is from The Cambridge English Dictionary.
A question to ask yourself

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Why Do Traditional Businesses Turn to MLM?


Multi Level Marketing generally differs from traditional business models. MLM has ‘independent contractors’ that buy the products and sell it to make a profit for the company. They often spend a lot of their own money on products to meet targets necessary to earn commissions. They pay fees to be members of the company and pay for ‘conferences’ and ‘trainings’, again, making money for the company.

It is common to find these MLM companies saying that they are cash rich and debt free. Of course they are, they have very little overheads as they leave the marketing and selling to these ‘independent contractors’. These MLM companies can sell products at an inflated price because it doesn’t matter that it is essentially an unmarketable product on the open market. They know the people caught up in these schemes will buy the products anyway. The product becomes just a way for the…

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Pyramid Schemes and Multi Level Marketing Explained


I have just done a radio interview about pyramid schemes and why they are a bad idea. I only had ten minutes so I struggled to get in all the information. Click on the image below to listen to it. I am at 1.32.

Here, I cover the information I gave, with references and further information that I couldn’t cram in.

What is a pyramid scheme?

It is useful to think of pyramid schemes on a spectrum. Just before you get to pyramid schemes, there is Direct Selling. This is where people sell things and get a commission from the sales. Like a double glazing salesperson who goes door to door and gets a cut of the sales. That is perfectly legal, although it can be hard on the salesperson to earn money if they don’t sell much.

On the other extreme, after pyramid schemes, there are Ponzis. These are…

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InteleTravel – All You Need to Know


We have been contacted by some very concerned people who have been involved in Inteletravel. Let’s call them Ian Cognito and Ivor Fakename. They joined Inteletravel because it looked like a great MLM to join.


That sounds good. Anyone can join, pay their fee and do a few hours of reading at home. They watch a little video, get given a website and call themselves independent travel agents.


Looks good doesn’t it? You don’t often come across an MLM that is risk free.

Let’s have a look at the Trust Guarantee.


I guess that’s quite a lot of small print, but would be necessary to ensure that people really were putting in enough effort. It wouldn’t be fair if people joined up and didn’t try, just to get their money back would it? Except the guarantee isn’t fair because it is impossible for members to achieve these criteria.

Ian tried…

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