Primerica and the long road to the anti-MLM movement

I am sometimes asked why I am so strongly opposed to the MLM (multi-level marketing) industry. As they usually say, there’s a million problems in the world, why focus on MLM? Why devote space on your blog to MLM?

screenshot-from-2019-02-25-171818This often comes from well-meaning people who focus on what they consider to be far more pressing issues affecting our country and the world: racism, domestic violence, food insecurity, climate change, among other issues. Definitely all things worth fighting, and causes I support.

The reason I fight MLM, or network-marketing, is not just because it’s harmful, but because it’s also very misunderstood. Misunderstood to the point that many people mistakenly think of some MLM companies as philanthropic endeavors because they sometimes champion good causes. However, because these companies operate in a highly unethical fashion they make terrible allies.

By spreading awareness of the predatory nature of MLM companies, we in the anti-MLM movement can help strengthen good causes by helping them steer clear of these exploitative companies.

Read the rest of Chris’s article on his blog …

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2 thoughts on “Primerica and the long road to the anti-MLM movement

  1. Thank you! I posted this to my Facebook. One of my cousins blocked me over her Primerica pyramid scheme after I tried to warn her, accusing me of “ruining her reputation.” MLMs really are a cult.

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    • Thanks for sharing this, Jen! Glad you like it. I see that a lot with MLMers — they ruin their own reputations and yet everyone else is to blame. It’s awful how much MLM poisons relationships, and yes they definitely are a cult.

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