The MLM car – a sham or just another level in the pyramid?

Cover Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

It’s really easy to be lured in by the false promises of an MLM. You’ve seen it across the wider interwebs and in many of the Coalition members’ own blog write-ups — the focus of an MLM is to lure people in, convince them they’ll make ‘easy’ money, and then swindle them for everything they’ve got. Not unlike some of the scary cults we’ve heard about, right?

I’m starting this post because I have a few rare days, yes days, of actual free time to dedicate to writing something other than strategic reports. So bear with me if my language is too technical as I try to de-strategize my mind.

This post will have a look at the phenomenon of the ultimate MLM spruiker reward, the new car. I was reading something only recently on Reddit: r/antimlm where they had a “Plexus Lexus” and the Independent Distributor after achieving a…

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