No more Jamberry. At all.

[Red Corvette]: Today we bring you some inside info about what’s happening to Jamberry after M. Network stepped in to ‘help’ them in late June. Thank you to Riley for this information.

[Riley]: Thank you, Red. So, as no doubt you’re aware, Jamberry LLC went into foreclosure on 28 June 2018. M. Network has basically stripped the company of its assets — they bought the name, the stock and anything that’s in the warehouses. Yet nothing is shipping.

Consultants are having their contracts terminated without notification, for voicing their opinions and asking questions about M. Network in a Facebook group. They are told that they were ‘violating Policies and Procedures, disparaging the company and Home Office staff’, and allegedly making ‘slanderous’ comments.

No Jamberry consultant has been asked to sign or agree to new contracts, Terms and Conditions, or Policies and Procedures with M Network. Everyone is still on the Jamberry compensation plan.

Promises were made that were not kept. For example: consultants could choose if they wanted to continue selling Jamberry and not want to sell M Stiks. But M. Network has just announced in their FamCon that they will be rebranding the whole organisation to M. Global (that was already a name they used), and the Jamberry name will not continue as they had promised.

It’s a mess, and thousands of consultants will end up worse when they stick around with M. Network.

[Red Corvette]: Thank you Riley. We will bring you more information on M. Network/M. Global as our investigations continue!

Featured photo by Christian Fregnan on Unsplash


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