You are not an Independent Business Owner!

Elle-small[Elle:] As well as enjoying Bot Watch‘s humorous article on what defines an “independent business owner”, we highly recommend taking a look at these too:

Also, my post below which takes a look at presenters with a genuine belief that it is indeed “their business“:



If you are in Multilevel marketing, please stop claiming you are an ‘Independent Business Owner.’


“adjective- Free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority:an independent nuclear deterrent. The study is totallyindependent of central government ”

The above definition is from The Oxford English Dictionary.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do you set your own terms and conditions?
  • Can you change suppliers?
  • Can you change the policies?
  • Do you have any say in your activities, over and above what hours you work or the prices you sell at?
  • What are you independent from? Apart from employee rights and wages.


 “noun.   (SELLING) the activity of buying and sellinggoods and services:

My brother’s in business.

He’s in thefrozenfood business.

Our firmdoes a lot of business withoverseascustomers.”

This definition is from The Cambridge English Dictionary.
A question to ask yourself

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