Elle & Bot speak on Sounds Like MLM But OK podcast

Elle-small[Elle:] Bot Watch are proud to have featured on an episode of the Sounds Like MLM But OK podcast series!

You can hear us on How to Help a Friend in an MLM: Part 1. Part 2 will be released on Monday April 30th 2018. Although its not a swear-fest, please be advised that some explicit language may make an appearance (not by Bot Watch though, she’s far too polite for that).

Bot Watch and I speak to hosts Zach Parker and Katie Young about the advice we have to offer anyone in this situation. We also have a bit of a chuckle reflecting how false health claims would send Bot into a social media rampage, and little snippets from my time as a Younique presenter.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies mentioned in the podcast (briefly or otherwise) include Younique, Juice Plus, Forever Living, Mary Kay, Plexus and Young Living.

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Podcast Links

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Reference Links

Join the Sounds Like MLM But OK Facebook discussion group.

Elle’s #Poonique tale is frequently mentioned during the podcast, where I documented my time as a Younique presenter.

Bot makes reference to Steven Hassan‘s book Combating Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults (Paperback – 28 Mar 2015)

Check out essential reading from the original anti-MLM activists, Timeless Vie.

Take a look at this helpful selection courtesy of Bot Watch, from our General Advice category:

For those currently in MLM:

Also take a look at the work of my former upline, “Scarlett” aka Jade Pow MUA, owner of Kapow Cosmetics.

Answers to the Pressing Questions

I have it on good authority that my former upline “Scarlett” aka Jade Pow MUA did indeed use other makeup products in her “Younique selfies.” 😉

I have contacted my friend behind My Pinkwashed Nightmare to find out what silly name Plexus presenters refer to each other as – watch this space!

Scarlett-Jade 03

Jade Pow MUA

Notable Episode Quotes

“…[Bot Watch and Timeless Vie] helped me realise it was a business model where 99.7% of people will lose money in an MLM. […] They were a massive help to me. They said: ‘look, you didn’t fail; you were stuck in a business model which is geared against you. You know, you are there to make the people at the top of the pyramid money, you couldn’t have done any differently, you would have lost’ […] They just helped me realise I am not a ‘bitter failure’ – it was going to happen, whatever I did […] Didn’t matter how many #bossbabe memes I shared on my Facebook wall, it wasn’t going to work…!” – Elle Beau

“…I just never could process how basic supply and demand would work with these companies, because it seemed like you just kept increasing the supply of the product, but there was no demand for it to begin with. Much less, when you continue to recruit people to sell the same product…!” Zach Parker

“…People say its like a franchise, don’t they? ‘Oh its a franchise, its my own business, its like McDonald’s’ but you think, McDonald’s don’t try to make their neighbours a McDonald’s, and get them to make more McDonald’s, and have a whole street of McDonald’s, because that wouldn’t work! So why do they think MLM would work…?” – Bot Watch

cropped lens bot

“…That’s important to think about […] When they do come around and when they do realise what’s happening, that you’re there and ready to support them, because they’re going to need it desperately…” – Katie Young

“…They might unfriend you […] If you can feel that they are going to cut you off, just put a little message there saying ‘I’m not going anywhere, I’ll always be here’ […]” – Bot Watch

“…I really do wish that I had found Bot Watch and Timeless Vie sooner, because maybe then I would have walked away sooner. But in a way I see it as a good thing, what I did with Younique, because now I can warn everyone else what a pile of shit it isevery cloud…!” – Elle Beau

“…One of my Facebook followers who is a professional makeup artist, she said to me: ‘Do you know what the problem I think with Younique is? […] Younique targets women, or men, who don’t often know what good quality makeup is…” – Elle Beau

Elle Cool Story.png

“…I honestly think that with YouTube and with just some friends I have, that I can do better than most Younique presenters at putting makeup on. […] I am THAT confident in myself…I can at least realise that ‘hey, if I keep doing this, I’m going to look like The Joker, so maybe I should do something else’…!” – Zach Parker

“…They rely on their friends and family buying the products. […] Its what you do out of politeness, isn’t it? You’re supporting your friends, they’ve asked you to buy it, you think, ‘oh, what’s the harm, I’ll just help them in their little entrepreneur experiment’ […] but if you do that, if you give them money, they’ll think ‘oh, this is really working’ […] and they hound you. …Its like having a friend who’s a crack addict, and just giving them a bit of cocaine just to make them go away. They’re not going to go away, they’re going to keep doing it more, its encouragement. The best thing you can do is to not buy it […] If you just don’t buy it in the first place, then they’ll never have that false hope…” – Bot Watch

“…Try and talk to the person that they USED to be […] When you join groups like MLMs, it kind of enters into your personality and starts changing you bit by bit. So there becomes almost two parts of you; the original ‘you’, and the ‘bot’ part of you, the seller, the MLMer. […] Don’t feed THAT part of the person, speak to the real one […] and try to not talk about the ‘business’ at all, just try and keep them grounded, level and in the ‘real world’ […] so you can keep that link to them without the uncomfortableness of you being labelled as a negative person […] so if they do start having doubts, they can come to you…” – Bot Watch



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