InteleTravel – All You Need to Know


We have been contacted by some very concerned people who have been involved in Inteletravel. Let’s call them Ian Cognito and Ivor Fakename. They joined Inteletravel because it looked like a great MLM to join.


That sounds good. Anyone can join, pay their fee and do a few hours of reading at home. They watch a little video, get given a website and call themselves independent travel agents.


Looks good doesn’t it? You don’t often come across an MLM that is risk free.

Let’s have a look at the Trust Guarantee.


I guess that’s quite a lot of small print, but would be necessary to ensure that people really were putting in enough effort. It wouldn’t be fair if people joined up and didn’t try, just to get their money back would it? Except the guarantee isn’t fair because it is impossible for members to achieve these criteria.

Ian tried…

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3 thoughts on “InteleTravel – All You Need to Know

  1. This is great and all except that Inteletravel is not an MLM. PlanNet Marketing is the MLM that recruits Inteletravel agents. There is no part of Inteletravel that is MLM.


      • You can be in one and not the other. I recruit agents all the time that only want to book travel. They DO NOT have to recruit. Inteletravel is the host travel agency for travel agents. PlanNet Market does the recruiting for Inteletravel. There are plenty of people that are agents only, recruiting with PlanNet is OPTIONAL.


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