LuLaRoe History 101 – Creation of a Pyramid


[Elle:] Introducing a new guest-writer to the #AntiMLMmovement – meet @LulaRoeFail! They were a LuLaRoe ‘fashion consultant’ (aka independent distributor) for over a year, and are here to lend an ear to fellow ex-distributors, who want to talk about their #HowLuLaRoeFailed story. For their first guest post, they want to give you the history of this multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme, and a few revelations from their time in Facebook ‘training groups’.

Before reading @LulaRoeFail’s article, please remind yourself that all views presented here are those of the authors, and simply reflect their own opinions and personal experiences. Your own personal experiences with MLM companies may differ, negatively or positively.
Over to you, @LulaRoeFail!


[LLRFail:] Hey there! I’m so happy to be included in the Anti-MLM Coalition and boy, do I have some LuLaRoe revelations to share! But first, a little history, so that you can understand the “lay of the land” before I get to the heavy revelations.

LuLaRoe was founded by DeAnne Brady Stidham. DeAnne has told many different “versions” of this story, but the basis is similar throughout. I don’t think she can keep the story straight because of all the “embellishment” that she’s seemingly added over time.

Regardless, she touts having ‘eleventy billion’ children and being a single mom, just trying to support her children. As I’ve seen discussed many times from high-up uplines in LuLaRoe, she was allegedly her husband Mark Stidham‘s mistress, prior to marrying him in 1998.


Source: (Recorded) DeAnne’s Instagram v Video

It all started with the “Maxi” skirt that her twin sister, DiAnne Brady (a dressmaker), had designed and sewed. They both used to sell these skirts at pop-up stores all over California. DiAnne was the designer and seamstress; DeAnne was the “spokesperson” for the company.

Once LuLaRoe started gaining traction in the market and started to turn some real cash, DeAnne allegedly stole the business from her sister and registered it as LuLaRoe. This is very telling and an accurate representation on what kind of person DeAnne is; she clearly cares only about the money and lining her own pockets.

DeAnne has a nickname in the LuLaRoe circles as “The Layered One“. In LuLaRoe CULTure, it is demanded that you wear multiple “layers” of LuLaRoe if you are a retailer. Get as many layers of LuLaRoe on your body as you can.

This is indoctrinated on all levels so that you are “purchasing” more to “wear” more, which translates (in their minds) to “selling” more LuLaRoe. Honestly, most of the layering done by The Layered One is a ride on the hot mess express. Proof in the pudding is below.


Source: (Recorded) DeAnne’s Instagram Live Video

Buy more to sell more to buy more to sell more“.…… get the idea.

Next up on the roster is MarkWhen Life Give You Lemons Suck It UpStidham.
Yeah, that’s a direct quote from him, below. He’s just a PEACH.


Source: Screenshot of Home Office Webinar

Mark was originally in the construction business. On more than one Home Office Webinar, Mark has shown himself to have a very BAD case of foot in mouth disease. He’s called retailers and customers “stale” as well as “pigs” and has been shown on numerous occasions to give zero fucks about anyone but the top “buyers” within the LuLaRoe retailers.

He often tries to equate the struggles that he’s had in his previous construction business to LuLaRoe and fails miserably; nothing like trying to compare apples to oranges. Watch the entire video clip below for both the “stale” and “wrestling with pigs” remarks.

I refer to Mark as “The Stuft Shirt”. He is rarely seen in any LuLaRoe clothing (yes, there are men’s styles) and seems to always wear shirts that are one size too small. Now I’m not body-shaming, but wearing a size appropriate for your body, especially while representing a clothing company, is imperative.

His style is a shirt (typically ill-fitting) and pants. Rarely does he look “fashion forward”, as one would expect from someone that is a co-founder of a clothing company.

Mark likes to play “the good guy” and go live on webinars to discuss issues that have happened within LuLaRoe, as an attempt to quell the retailer’s concerns. He spouts lies, drivel and typically puts his foot in his mouth when doing so.

So many people with body language interpretation experience have commented on the body language by both Mark and DeAnne on their weekly Home Office Webinar. It is clearly deceptive and shows lack of belief in what they are saying.
But wait, there’s more!

Most of their clothing styles are named after family members. Aaaaaannnndddddd….most of the family members are Home Office staff. Part of the LuLaRoe family tree is shown below:

[Source:] LuLaRoe Facebook Training Group
LuLaRoe does NOT have anyone running the company that has actual experience with running a business this large: it’s completely a family-run enterprise. There’s no big firm helping them run this “billion” dollar business. It’s just the family.

Had LuLaRoe hired a competent person or firm to run this business, then LuLaRoe might have actually been successful instead of ruining so many people’s lives.
And finally, their mission statement.


Source: Previously on

You see how LuLaRoe states that they have “blessed” lives? It was stated in a webinar a few weeks ago, by Mark, that maybe they aren’t blessing lives.
So, the LuLaRoe mission statement has been changed to this.


Source: Currently on

No, LuLaRoe is not blessing anyone. The only thing they are blessing is their own pockets.


[Elle:] Huge thanks to @LuLaRoeFail for sharing their experiences as an #AntiMLMmovement contributor! You can find more LuLaRoe in our site category, but we also strongly recommend you connect with @LuLaRoeFail across social media to learn more. We hope to hear more from them soon.

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