What About Usborne Books & More?

Elle-small[Elle:] The members of the Anti-MLM Coalition joined together to expose the truth and lies in the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry. As well as a number of anti-MLM allies, we also recognise the work of those who have been tirelessly spreading the word on their chosen MLMs of interest, often long before our group was formed.

We created this website with the aim of being a useful resource page for all things anti-MLM. We’re united in a common mission, with a variety of specialities and knowledge.

Most people will have heard of Usborne Books at some point in their lives, whether as a parent or child. I’ll give you a brief overview of this multi-level marketing scheme (with credit to the Usborne Wiki entry). 


Founded in the UK in 1973 by Peter Usborne, Usborne Publishing is a well-known publisher of children’s literature. It has a sister company known as Usborne Books at Home, founded in 1981 and operating  an MLM/direct sales model selling to families, schools and communities. The USA wing was established in 1989 and based in Tulsa, OK.

Peter Usborne

[Source:] TheBookseller.com – Peter Usborne

The company is known as Usborne Books and More in the US. Both arms are members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Usborne recruits independent distributors (typically referred to by the firm as “consultants”) to sell products to private individuals, schools and/or libraries.


[Source:] Usborne.com

You may also be familiar with the sole US trade publisher of Usborne; the Educational Development Corporation (EDC). It was incorporated in 1965 to develop curriculum materials for schools. In 1978, the Publishing Division was created to distribute Usborne  books.

The EDC’s president, CEO, and board chairman is Randall W. White.

Randall White

[Source:] NewsOK.com – Randall W. White

Consultants earn 25% to 30% commission on the books they sell to private individuals. In the UK, when they sell to schools or libraries, the commission rate is 20% rather than the normal 24% rate they get for selling to individuals. Organisers are not allowed to sell directly to book stores..

In the US, schools contact Usborne Books through their website to be connected with a consultant who deals in schools. To become this consultant, you have to purchase an Educational Consultant Kit in addition to the Business Kit.

Usborne 2016 Kits

[Source:] Usborne.com

When it comes to finding out more about Usborne and the EDC (NASDAQ: EDUC), its only right that we direct you to someone who has been speaking out since 2016.

Connect with Uzzies Uncensored

Anti-MLM MovementAs ex-consultants, Uzzies Uncensored and Amber have “witnessed the abuse, lies, hypocrisy and fraud that this MLM company has used to prey on women and their wallets“. They aim to make their website a safe-place for those who have been silenced and hurt by consultants, team leaders, advanced leaders and even those directly employed by the EDC.

Through their dedicated website UzziesUncensored.com, you will find a whole wealth of information about this MLM, including Facebook chat threads, the lowdown on promotions and incentives, top reasons not to join Usborne, and of course, real experiences.

Here are your @UzziesUncensored social media links:

Web: UzziesUncensored.com
Facebook: facebook.com/UzziesUncensored
Twitter: twitter.com/uzzieuncensored & twitter.com/AmMisty
Instagram: instagram.com/amber_ammisty

If you have an Usborne experience you would like to share, please contact uzziesuncensored@gmail.com.


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