Should I Buy Educational Development Corp Stock?

Uzzies[Uzzies:] Below is an article from, submitted by a guest writer with vast knowledge about Usborne Books & More and the stock traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market: the Educational Development Corporation (EDUC). 


Below is an introduction to the article by Guest Writer “Shay” via

cropped-mlm.jpg[Shay:] I’d like to thank Uzzies Uncensored for allowing me to write this article on their blog. Before I answer this question, let me release full-disclosure. I was an Educational Consultant for Educational Development Corp / Usborne Books & More. I continue to be a consultant. I am writing this article anonymously due to policy. As current consultants know, we are no longer able to voice concerns in any forum, for two reasons:

  1. Private/Closed Facebook pages specifically meant for consultants are so heavily monitored that any post must first be approved before any consultants can see it. That means if it is negative in any way, the post will never be approved.
  2. Any post which does not first require admin approval will eventually be deleted if the post appears negative or the comments in the post turn negative.

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