MLMs & Making False Health Claims

If you are a MLM presenter in the ‘health and wellness sector’ (for example, Juice Plus, Forever Living, Ariix etc), you may be promoting and selling products that you believe can help people with their health problems or wellness. YOU MUST BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS. Why? Read Part 1 in full here.

In my country of residence (the UK) in order to sell or supply a medicine, a company must hold a wholesale dealer’s licence (WDA) from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Juice Plus, Forever Living, Ariix and It Works do not appear on this list. I have contacted the MHRA to ask if they hold any licence enabling them to make health claims on their products. They do not. Read Part 2 in full here.

2 thoughts on “MLMs & Making False Health Claims

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